Meet the Team

Steve Pic.jpg

Steve Bell, Vintner

Steve fell in love with wine while taking a 1/2-credit wine appreciation class in college. After graduating Steve headed straight to the Napa Valley where he spent 12 years as the vineyard manager for Freemark Abbey and then moved over to the Sonoma County side where he managed all of Knights Valley vineyards for Beringer for another 19 years. Although Steve spent his career as a farmer, he also loved the romance of the wine and the industry; he became passionate about wine making, which he practiced at home during his grape growing tenure. With consistent accolades from friends and family, Steve was encouraged to open his own winery. Being in the unusual position of a career in the vineyards and a hobby in wine making, Steve has been able to marry his knowledge and expertise both in the vineyard and in the winery to create some of the most unique and versatile wines. Steve's talents give his wines a wide spread appeal even to the most discerning wine connoisseur. Steve's authentically friendly and welcoming personality combined with his passion for wine, makes each visit and tasting with guests fun and adventurous.



Sher Bell Boatman, Quality Control

Sher actually fell in love with Steve's wine before ever meeting Steve. Steve's twin brother, Jeff, Sher's closest friend, would bring bottles of Steve's wine home after attending family functions. After first tasting Steve's wine, Sher would eagerly wait for Jeff's return from his family gatherings. When Steve and Sher finally met, their love became a vintage that continues to get better with age. Sher was the biggest advocate of Steve opening his own winery. She supports him in every aspect of the winery. However, her actual job is as a horse trainer. Guests can usually find her either working with a horse in the arena or barn, or stopping by the winery on one of her horses for a glass of wine!


Joyanne Harrington, Sher's Horse Training Partner

Although Joyanne is not directly connected to the winery, she is definitely a part of the Campana Ranch Family. Guests might find her working with a horse, tending to the garden or even baking a scrumptious dessert for a winery event. Besides residing on the Ranch, Joyanne is an integral part of everything Campana. 


Lacie Gibson, Business Operations MaNager

Lacie's title does not do her justice; much of the success and the personal touches throughout the winery are Lacie. Sher has known Lacie since Lacie was a 6th grader. She calls Lacie her Radar O'Reily, after the M*A*S*H character who always had a task completed before he was asked to do it. Lacie is also the solutions manager for any and all problems that seem to crop up in a young and growing business. She is invaluable and both Steve and Sher are proud to have her alongside them through this challenging but fun journey.